• He went through the complete academy of one of the largest companies in the world, Philip Morris Operations During his work in the sales sector of this tobacco industry, he takes pride in the fact that he won the ABCD Word award twice in a row for exceptional achievements in the field of realization of sales goals. This award is given annually only to the top four. His talents were quickly recognized and after 12 months of work he was promoted to a new position in the marketing sector. During his work at the Philip Morris company, he was constantly part of the PLT talent program, which allowed him to improve and develop his skills under the supervision of the best trainers in the region. During his work and with a thorough analysis of the market circumstances, he recognized that the industry is declining from year to year and began to think about a new growing industry that must have a perspective in Serbia, which brings him to the world of insurance.

      Generali Insurance recognized his skills and immediately entrusted him with the management of the entire region, so he became a regional sales director in the life insurance department at the age of 30. His achievements in that position very quickly exceed the company's expectations, and the company additionally hires him at the academy as a trainer in the field of sales, negotiation, leadership, mentoring, communication, recruitment and selection, where he discovers his new love, which is the development of business skills and staff. His trainings were one of the most attended and highly respected in the company. He also passed and successfully completed the Generali Academy.

      After Generali Insurance, he moved to Sberbak, but he is still engaged in the business of education and development of business personnel, very successfully and with great passion. He says that he belongs to a rare group of trainers who have confirmed and continue to confirm their skills practically, and that he is one of the few who gives concrete examples and advice in his trainings, developing skills in his trainees that they can already apply in their work tomorrow. He can boast that he passed the basic level of education with one of the world's greatest speakers and consultants, Brian Tracy.

      His hobby is writing motivational phrases and thoughts. He is married and has two children.

      Life motto:
      It is wrong to say: "When things change I will be happy!" It is correct to say: "When I am happy, things will change."


      • Master of economics (2009), University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics Subotica, Department of Management and Administration, average grade 9.76
      • Faculty of Economics Subotica (2007), University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics Subotica, Department of Financial Management and Accounting, average grade 9
      • Economic technician (2002). Secondary Vocational School Dr. Radivoj Uvalic, Backa Palanka

      Activities and achievements during studies:

      • President of the Student Union of the Faculty of Economics, Subotica
      • Founder of the Student Parliament of the University of Novi Sad
      • President of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Economics, Subotica
      • Student representative in the body of the Government of Serbia for drafting the law on higher education
      • Member of the Board of Directors of the Student Center Subotica
      • President of the committee for accommodation of students in student dormitories of the Subotica Student Center
      • Member of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Economics, Subotica
      • Member of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics, Subotica
      • Balkan champion in the scientific discipline of management 2004/2005, Sarajevo

      As one of the best students of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, generation 2002/2003, very quickly he had a vision, and not long after, a strategy of high-quality student organization, which he transparently presented to the students of his year at one of the lectures where vision was studied as the basis for the development of economic entities. At that lecture, Prof. Dr. Bozidar Lekovic (mentor), who presented a new concept of student organization to the Faculty Council, recognized his oratorical, leadership and visionary abilities. Not long after, at the new Assembly of the Student Union of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Slavko Bogdanovic was elected president of this student body, where he remained until the end of his studies. What can be boasted about is that the Student Union was financially reborn, that with its work and initiative it influenced the drafting of a new draft law on higher education that was later adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. That law, which was launched on his initiative, is still in force today. He implemented a new way of allocating student accommodation in the Subotica Student Center, which excluded manipulation and corruption. The same model was later implemented at the University of Pristina (Kosovska Mitrovica). Active participation in student life, exceptional achievements, excellent and correct relationship with students and the Faculty recommended him to be elected for the Management Board of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica in two convocations, he also made a great contribution to the development of scientific programs at the Faculty as a member of the Teaching-Scientific Council Faculty of Economics in Subotica. During the third year, as an excellent and successful student, he was proposed to represent the faculty at the Balkan competition in Sarajevo in the scientific field of Management, where he won first place. For now, he is the only student leader who did not become a member of any political party while performing duty in these positions, which is why he was not accepted for doctoral studies. He considers this failure his greatest success. During his studies, he did not fail a single exam. He considers organization to be the most important tool for achieving success, but he does not rule out communication skills as very important either.


      • Sales Delivery Representative 2009 – 2010 Philip Morris Operations
      • Market organizer (Marketing sector) from 2010 to 2013 Philip Morris Operations
      • Director VDK, Directorate for selling life insurance 2013 -2016 Generali Insurance, Belgrade
      • Trainer / Training Team Generali Academy 2014 - 2016 Generali Insurance, Belgrade
      • HR Specialist, Coach, Trainer 2016 – 2018. Bjanko Center for Communication Ltd. Novi Sad
      • Manager for selling RC Novi Sad Sberbank
      • Head for Sales and HR Golden Rose Ltd. Serbia;
      • Head of HR Hisense Gorenje Serbia