• Dejan Vucinic is the director of the Branch Network Management department at OTP bank Serbia. He has been building his professional career successfully in one of the leading European banking groups for more than two decades, when he left Jugobanka where he worked in the field of corporate banking and joined the team of Societe Generale Serbia in Belgrade, and after their successful integration with OTP bank Novi Sad, Serbia.

      Thanks to its dedicated work with a large network of branches, including work with retail customers, branch clients for private banking and as the first online branch in the domestic market, this sector shows constant growth in retail lending and occupies one of the leading positions when it comes to housing and cash loans. The bank strengthened its position as the second largest bank in retail banking in Serbia. He was educated in the field of business and administration, business development and leadership models.

      Dejan Vucinic is a member of the Supervisory Board of OTP Insurance. OTP Insurance, within its integrated model of bancassurance with OTP bank, is an important participant in the insurance market in Serbia.